Curlea Passion

Specialist Curl by Curl Cuts

My Pricing & Services

Curly Cut - £80.00

2 hours

Consultation, Curl by Curl Cut, Cleansing, Styling and Drying

Curl by Curl Oxygenation Trim - £45

1 hour

A trim for existing curly clients who are looking to remove split ends without changing the shape of their hair.  Previous haircut must have been within the last 5 months.  This only includes dry cut and refresh, no cleansing or styling.

Curly Kids Under the Age of 10 - £35

1 hour

Curl by Curl Cut and Styling

Curly Kids Aged of 11-14 - £45

1 hour

Curl by Curl Cut and Styling

Cleanse, Dry & Style - £40

1 hour

For existing curly clients only.  If you are wanting that extra special touch for a special occasion or just a treat - then this is for you.  A Cleanse & Dry to make your curls pop.

Teach Me How To Manage My Curls

1 1/2 hour

1-2-1 Session where you will learn how to cleanse, hydrate, apply your product and dry your curls properly.

"We don't wear our hair wet, we wear our hair dry" - Lorraine Massey.


Colour Services

Pricing for colours varies.  All new clients require a patch test 48 hours prior to a colour appointment.

If you fancy a change we can talk about it at your next curly appointment.

Single Colour

Pricing starts from £40

A root re-touch/single colour starts at the above price.


Pricing starts from £60-£100

Various highlighting options available.

Add Ons

Olaplex - £10.00

Boucleme Deep Cleansing Treatment- £10.00

Please Note: I do not offer Colour Corrective Services

I need your hair cleansed, free of products and tangles.  So the night before or on the day of your appointment please follow these steps.

  • Co-wash (conditioner wash) your hair. To clarify just wash your hair with conditioner only in the place of your shampoo/lowpoo & rinse.

  • Re-apply to detangle & condition.

  • Then leave it all in!  If you have finer/wavier hair then partially rinse, or for Afro/Carribean hair you can apply more conditioner to style your curls.

  • Ensure your hair is 100% dry on arrival for your appointment.

Once your hair is prepared for your appointment, please DO NOT wear your hair in a bun, pony tail or up in anyway.  DO NOT style your hair with gel, mousse, butters, oils or hairspray.  Failure to prepare correctly may impact your end result!